Intellectual Property Law / IP Law

At Heidari Power, we are local Atlanta lawyers that can best protect your rights. Whether you are a sole proprietor, an artist that is about to sign that first big deal, or an established company that wants to ensure your rights are protected, H&P has the skills to make sure your goals are realized efficiently, effectively, and with killer accuracy.

We are well known in the Atlanta area for our zealous representation of our clients.

We work with artists, actors, athletes, singers, songwriters, performers, managers, producers, promoters, venues, licensors, labels, and other individuals and corporations in all areas within the intellectual property and entertainment field.  

We can assist you with many areas of intellectual property law, including the following:

-Recording Contracts/Record Deals
-Business Formation, Contracts and Agreements
-Distribution Agreements
-Royalty Agreements
-Management Agreements
-Performer Agreements
-Sponsorship Agreements
-Venue Agreements
-Merchandising Agreements
-Litigation, Arbitration, or Mediation

Whether you need an ironclad contract to achieve your goals or representation in a court of law, we can help you. We are a full service law firm, so we can represent you on the transactional side, or if any dispute arises, with any litigation or dispute resolution.

At H&P, we are at the technological forefront, so unlike other law firms, we know what needs to be done to protect your rights today-- and tomorrow.